My Grandmothers’ Legacy

This is dedicated to the influence my grandmothers had (and still have, as they are both still alive) on me.   And, to be honest, this is dedicated not just to my grandmothers, but to my grandfathers and to my parents and even my great-grandmothers because I knew them (but then the title gets too long).  They all made a tremendous impact on my life and I am proud to be a product of their “raising”.

Though they come from the same generation and have many of the same values, my grandmothers are very different from each other.   One was, perhaps I could say, more “country” than the other.  She was a Southern farmer’s wife and raised chickens and a garden, canned, cooked for farm workers, and sewed her and her children’s clothes.  She and my grandfather were members of the “town” church and were proud to be involved in the community and be prosperous farmers.  I grew up with this grandmother.  She took care of my brother and myself, and my sometimes my cousin, after school for many years.  We spent a lot of time with these grandparents during the summer as well.

My other grandmother came from a small farming and manufacturing town in Ohio.  She had a fairly privileged childhood and she and my grandfather traveled extensively with their work.  She and my grandfather are terrific cooks—especially in the French style of cooking.  They serve up rich, delicious food every time I am with them.  They are also beautiful gardeners.  They can raise nice vegetables (and make preserves), but they are exceptional flower gardeners and have a great eye for putting plants together in a landscape.

I am extremely grateful to my family for providing so much for me:  love, guidance, support, and so much more.  They have created a legacy woven of personal history, stories, personality, tragedy, and humor that I will wear my entire life, and that I hope to pass on to my children with a little more added to it.   This blog was created for me to explore this legacy–to embrace it, learn from it, and feel the blessings of it.

3 thoughts on “My Grandmothers’ Legacy

  1. Gosh Molly, such a moving post and introduction to your blog.
    Visiting today from Soule Mamma, and am really taken with the idea behind your blog. I was raised by my Grandmother, and she’s no doubt been the biggest influence on my life. I think the connection across generations is so special, there’s so much to learn and experience.
    Good luck with your blogging adventure. 🙂

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