On-going Sewing


I have a few projects in the works, but the one I want to finish first is a skirt I am making for Evva.  It is Notting Hill by Pink Fig Patterns.  It is super cute.  I made a skirt for Anne a month ago from this pattern, though I have had the pattern around for almost a year.  I had wanted to make a dress for Anne, but she did not like to go to school in dresses or skirts because they were too short (knee-length) and someone might see her underwear.  When I saw Notting Hill I knew it fit her personality and the requirement of low-probability-of-underwear-citing.  So, I finally got Anne to pick out some fabric from a great on-line (and brick and mortar) store (Alewives Fabrics), and made her this skirt.  Because the pattern was so easy and Evva is now getting to that stage, I am making one for her too.  Anne picked more bold, primary colors and patterns that were more contemporary.  Evva picked romantic colors and patterns of flowers, pink, orange, blue.  I love that this pattern can adapt to so many colors, styles, and personalities.  I love making clothes for my sweet girls.


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