Daily Archives: November 8, 2013

Autumn in the Mountains

I grew up on the northeast coast of North Carolina. The land is flat there, and I mean really flat–the biggest elevation gain in our small town was the downtown bridge going over the river. I think of it as big sky country, even though that title is generally reserved for eastern Montana. Where I am from, the sky and the water dominate. You feel as if you can get lost in the vastness–a feeling I like, though it can be a little scary.
Where I live now, in western North Carolina, the opposite is true. The mountains hem in close. My sister-in-law described them once as friends, there to look over at you, surround you, almost hug you when you need it. They are undeniably beautiful–in all their seasons, but especially in autumn when they don warm hues as they close out the summer. This fall has been particularly beautiful. We had warm days, cool nights, and just enough rain. The fall color peaked this past week, and now, quickly, the leaves are falling (another beautiful, slightly sad part of autumn).
last blooms of the yearGraveyard Fields
This fall we hiked a little at Graveyard Fields when the color was probably at peak there (a little higher in elevation than our home). It was a sunny day and the children had a wonderful time running on the trails, hopping boulders across the creeks, and splashing through the trail puddles. I am figuring out my camera, but can never do justice to the beauty of autumn in the mountains.
038Autumn in the Mountains