Winter fun

We are having even more snow days recently, but ironically, Elizabeth City–where I grew up on the coast of NC–has gotten far more snow this year than we have in the mountains! As my daughters say, “Not Fair!” I feel that if the children are going to miss school for snow days, we should have some snow–and a lot of it!

This week we have very cold temps, and we actually got a little snow. Enough to go sledding–my favorite winter activity. Maybe it is because it is fun, easy, and we don’t have to drive anywhere to do it, but sledding is what I get most excited about doing in the winter. I have very fond memories of the fun William and I had sledding together when were dating.

Now our driveway becomes a perfect sled run–fast and long, but not too dangerous for the children. We also still sled at the Big House (William’s grandparent’s–now aunt and uncle’s–house), which is lots of fun because many children in the community show up there and the snow usually last a long time because it faces north. We are going there this morning!

We’ve done a little more skating, too.  And, we got out for a birthday hike yesterday in the snow–for William’s birthday. It was nice that he got to stay at home for the morning due to the snow. And, the views were wonderful.

This year I am enjoying the snow and cold weather more than I normally do. I hope the same for you!









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