Winter wonderland

Weather in our area is always a bit (or a lot) unpredictable.  It also makes a great conversation topic with people you don’t know very well (i.e. the person in line at the grocery store) and with people who really care (farmers and people with children!). My grandmother wrote me frequently when I was in college or away for the summer and she always had a paragraph about the weather.

Yesterday we had beautiful early spring weather–sunny, warm (low 50s)–and spent the whole afternoon outside gardening and playing. We even found the first early spring flowers.



But, we woke up this morning to grey skies. It started snowing at 10 a.m. and snowed all day, despite the weather reports all day on the radio which said snow would start on Tuesday. It was a very wet snow and piled up beautifully on all the trees and plants. The kids enjoyed a fun afternoon playing in the snow–snowball fights, slipping and sliding, and making snow angels.








By evening, the snow had nearly stopped and the light changed in a way that everything became more clear and it truly looked like a winter wonderland.




1 thought on “Winter wonderland

  1. Lovely photos of the day. There’s something about snow that makes children look so vibrant! And the photo of the orchard- mmm. I’m missing the snow on the mountain today.

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