Snow day sewing

Snow days mean days where I can’t get my paid work done because all my children are at home. However, I cherish the time with them at home roaming the house and playing outside. On snow days, I also tend to pack in the domestic work that I often don’t have time to do. So, I might try out a new complicated recipe, start some sewing projects, cast on a knitting project, start a few loads of laundry, and set up a craft project for the little ones. You notice I used the word “start” a lot. Often these projects (including the laundry) get neglected as I roam from one child to another helping with whatever project they are into: building blocks, dress up, painting, sewing project, reading books, making cookies, playing a game. And, of course, all is interrupted by going outside to play for a hours at a time.

I actually finished a few projects this time (we did have 3 full snow days). A pair of pants for Anne because she loves comfortable pants in knit fabrics. A skirt for Evva from the same fabric, which I sketched some fiddleheads on.  I have not sewn with knit fabrics before, but I loved it.




I also made soap and a hand salve, which I will post about tomorrow!

The snow is still sticking around in all the shady places and where it piled up a little thicker. But, temperatures are getting warmer and I am looking forward to spring!

2 thoughts on “Snow day sewing

  1. I, too, am ready for spring. especially now that we’ve had a proper snow storm. I won’t be surprised by a bit more cold, but I’m happily awaiting swapping my snow boots for my chacos now and getting into the garden!

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