special things

The past week has brought with it a few special things–not the least of was a special girl’s birthday. But, there were some other treats, too.



dwarf iris

I absolutely love the first flowers of spring. They are so sweet, yet hardy–bringing beauty and letting us know “not to despair”, winter will soon be over. I certainly am ready for some color and green-ness to come our way. Waiting (patiently) . . . .

blog swap
I got a sweet package from my blog swapper. Melissa from Sqrl&Bee drew my name and sent a beautiful trivet (on my dining room table–loved by the family) and some wool dryer balls (have not used them in the dryer yet, but the children have enjoyed throwing them at each other and William gave us a great juggling act–best juggling balls yet!). She also send a lovely hand salve which I have been using liberally since I’ve been able to get out to dig weed and spread mulch in the garden. Those two chores in the spring dry my hands out like nothing else.

This week has also brought some warm spring weather which I have truly enjoyed. It pulls us all to be outside, working and playing. There is actually snow on the ground this morning, so it has turned quite chilly now. We enjoyed the warmth while it lasted.

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