Bake on Tuesday: Twinkling Rolls






I made these rolls for to have with soup for supper the other night. They were easy to come together, took a little wait time, and were really good. The children loved these rolls (white and sweet, what’s not to love?), and we had leftovers to fill with ham or cheese for lunches.

These rolls reminded me of the rolls that the ladies in the school cafeteria made when I was in high school – a little sweet, soft with a slightly chewy crust on top, and very delicious. The cafeteria rolls were set to rise very close to each other so they stuck together when baked. They were then brushed with lots of melted butter. When I make these rolls next time, I think I will do it that way.

Here’s the recipe with my notes below:

Twinkling Rolls
1 cake yeast
½ cup lukewarm water
1 tsp. sugar. Dissolve yeast in water and sugar
Scald ½ cup milk. Dissolve in it 1 tsp. salt, 3 Tblspoons sugar. Beat 1 egg. Melt 3 Tbspn of butter.
Measure 2 cups of flour in a bowl. Add to this the yeast and lukewarm milk mixture. Beat till smooth, then add the egg and melted shortening. Beat again, then stir in just enough flour until mix is stiff to beat with a spoon. Beat well. Let rise in warm place till double in bulk. Shape as desired. Let rise until doubled. Bake 15 to 20 min. in 400 deg. oven.

My notes: I used 1 scant Tablespoon yeast instead of 1 cake. I also kneaded the dough instead of “beat well”. Maybe in a mixer, you could just “beat well” with a dough hook. The dough was a little sticky, but go with it. The one problem I found was the towel I used to cover the rolls while they were rising stuck to the rolls. Maybe I won’t cover them next time for the last rise. I imagine these rolls could be shaped many different ways–lots of ideas to try with these (cinnamon rolls, knots, twists, etc.)


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