latest sewings



I’ve been doing a lot of sewing lately. Maybe it is this late winter that has me wanting to make pretty things and things for spring and summer. Also, the birthdays. I made a dress and a stuffed animal for Evva. The dress (on left in photo above) is from a vintage McCall’s (my grandmother made the same dress for me when I was 6 or 7–one of my favorites as a girl), made with a Japanese print on cotton lawn. Evva loves the dress–but it has been a little too cool to wear it out yet.

The little horse (I still need to add eyes) is from Storybook Toys. I made it from a navy ultra suede from the stash I inherited from my grandmother and a cream colored muslin. Smokey has been added to the collection of favorite stuffed animals that live on her bed. I think she is going to make a “saddle” to put on him soon (and I will put on his eyes).

I made a dress for Anne (in top photo on right) from a fine knit fabric. At first, I just made the pink dress, but it was so fine and clingy that it did not really work for her, but she loved the cut and length and sleeves (though I am trying to convince her to let me shorten the sleeves). So, I added an overslip made from another sheer knit with those flowers. I bought it on sale at a really nice fabric store without a clue what I would do with it but knowing my girls would love it. So, it has found its way into its first garment. Anne loves this dress now.



I made Anne a bag from a pair of my old jeans (a favorite–so I am glad they have a new life) and some scraps of other fabric. She really needed a bag to carry her reading material around in, and this bag has a pocket for her library card, too. She was very excited to get this as a present for her birthday and has carried the bag with her everywhere. The inside of this bag is made with a fabric I also bought at the sale at the nice fabric store. I thought it was really pretty and was surprised it had not sold quicker. When I got home I realized why. I was in a hurry in the store and did not look closely at the fabric–there are small skulls and spider webs all over the fabric, hidden between the big purple flowers! Anne likes the edginess of it (thank goodness!). This bag is inspired by some beautiful handmade bags that Stephanie at Gypsy Forest makes and sells. Check her stuff out!

I am also still working on Anne’s lap quilt. I have it pieced, but have not gotten any material for the back yet. It seems to come together pretty quickly once that is done.


I also made a short sleeved shirt for myself out of some knit fabric (also from the fabulous sale) and am making a pair of shorts for myself from the Iris pattern by Colette Patterns.

I am very excited about all these new wardrobe pieces (and toys)!

Anyone else doing some sewing/crafting – getting ready for the warmer weather?

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