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Today is the last day of spring break. Three of our children go back to school tomorrow, and I start back to work. We have had a nice week visiting with family, playing, biking, gardening, and relaxing. It is so nice to have a break from the daily routine, to get to be with each other (and family and friends) for time that does not feel as rushed or regimented as normal. There is more time to talk and play together and a little less time spent fussing over the mundane, everyday chores.

I took the children to my hometown and spent 5 days with my mother who spoiled us with good food, a beautiful home, and lots to do. I even got a nap or two in while we were there. Such a treat!! While there, we also stayed at the beach (Nags Head) for two days to honor two friends who are going to have their first babies this summer. It was a hectic but enjoyable time, though the weather was typical for March at Nags Head (completely unpredictable) and we had squalls, rain, wind, and cold temps. But, we also had a perfect hour, Sunday morning, on the beach early in the morning. The ocean is so powerful and full of energy – I love being near it, watching and feeling its ever-changing, meditative rhythm. My little ones were so happy to run and play on the beach — dancing away from the waves, building sand castles, finding shells. It was a special moment that lasted until the black cloud in the northwest moved close enough to warrant a retreat to the house. But, that hour on the beach was probably my favorite moment of spring break because I got to just enjoy my children at one of my favorite places.


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