planting potatoes

cutting potatoes



playing in the dirt

found a worm


We planted potatoes this past weekend. I ordered seed potatoes from Fedco. First time I’ve used them, but thought I would try their varieties and quality. I ordered “storage” potatoes, and a lot, because this family can eat a lot of potatoes — new, boiled, roasted, mashed — and because we have a great place to store potatoes for the winter. However, I am cautiously optimistic about this crop. In the lower garden, we a terrible vole problem which does significant damage to potato yields. We planted the potatoes in the new garden this year to hopefully avoid the vole problem (hoping closer vicinity to the dog will help), but potatoes there are likely to become infested with wire worms since it has so recently been lawn. But, there is hope. We will try to take good care of these potatoes.

All the children, except maybe for Steven, helped out with potato planting. Anne and Evva helped cut the seed potatoes, Hythe and Anne helped plant them, and Evva and Hythe covered them back up with dirt. William and I hoed the rows. Everyone enjoyed getting into the dirt, especially Hythe, who loves to find worms.

Evva found a cold bee (actually, I am not sure it is a bee–antenna are too long) in the garden soil and was very excited about it. She got a jar, put in water, flowers, moss and shells for the bee. Then she fed it honey, and told me she finally had “her own pet”. Which made me realize that maybe we needed to think about getting her an animal of her own to care for and love (she has been asking for a pet). But, in reality, what to get? Cat, hamster, fish, puppy, hermit crab? Something small, easy to care for, not messy, but loveable, too.  For 24 hours, Evva cared for the bee, checked on it, held it, and was so proud of it.

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