seasonal flow . . . of jars



For the last few  months, empty glass canning jars have been accumulating on our counters, in the pantry, on the cupboard shelves. They are the cleaned remnants of the jars of food that were stacked in the pantry over the past summer and fall. Full jars filled a few of the pantry shelves. We are now down to one shelf, 1/3 full. The empty jars inefficiently fill those shelves back up, to the extent that I have to start packing them in boxes and carting them off to the barn. They will start to come back into the house in another month or two or three when we start filling them with pickled beets, tomato juice, peach halves, and applesauce. I’ve come to see this as a seasonal activity — empty jars on shelves and counters (and then in the barn) in the winter and spring, full jars on shelves in the summer and fall. There is a seasonal flow of empty and full jars through the house and barn through the year.  It feels abundant, and I am grateful.

full jars


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