leaf and bloom of the week

getting greener everyday

frasier magnolia

frazier magnolia

oak leaves

We have had a rough few months of sickness.  From March through April, in a never-ending succession, our family has had 2 stomach bugs (norovirus, I think), numerous colds, fevers, strep throat, fifth disease, poison ivy, and pink eye.  Today, I fervently hope we may be on the end of it all.  Pink eye is disappearing in the baby, but there is a slight fever (teething? I hope), and the rest of us are feeling good for now.  Maybe the only think keeping me sane through all of it was the hope that spring brings–beauty, new life, warmth, outdoor fun.

I am always in awe of trees as they bloom and bud out with leaves and flowers.  Some very small and inconspicuous, some large and showy.  It is getting greener everyday and new blooms are popping up everywhere. I am certainly enjoying the awesomeness of it all, and that beauty keeps me hopeful.

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