Tuckasegee Mother’s Day

front porch sitting



catch with dad


Evva at the top of a waterfall



smile for the camera
Smiling for the camera

We’ve been busy, almost frantically busy, around here lately – so much so that I really wanted to get away as a family so that we would not be distracted by all the “to-do’s” around the house.  We could relax, play, and be together.  We wanted to go to William’s family property that is about 1.5 hours from our home, at the mouth of the Tuskegee River.   It is remote and rustic.  We ended up there on Saturday with 11 other children and their parents.  So, while it was relaxing and super fun, but we were all exhausted by the end of the weekend.  There were campfires, card games, s’mores, late night tag, hiking, games of catch and softball in the meadow, digging in the river sand, and dunking in the very cold river.

I loved spending Mother’s Day in such a fun and beautiful place.  It was a great location to just stand back and watch my children play and learn.  The dads cooked breakfast for the moms (and cleaned up) on Sunday.  We played a little softball (kids against grown-ups).  Then, we all hiked down to the biggest waterfall on the property and played in the sand.

A great Mother’s Day.


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