In the garden







false indigo

My love of gardening started with my grandfather, who farmed, and had a deep appreciation (boarder line obsession) for fresh sweet corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers–the last two especially on bread with mayo, salt and pepper. It also came from my dad (step father) who gardened during my girlhood in the back of our lot. He grew many vegetables, mostly cool season crops like lettuce and spinach, though some of which I’d never seen or heard of (kolrabi, for one). And, he never made us work in the garden, which may be why I enjoyed it. I watched what he did, appreciated the fresh produce that joined the dinner table, and those experiences gave me confidence to garden just about anywhere I lived after I left home.

This week, I got in the tomatoes, squash, and peppers, I transplanted into the cut flower garden, and did some garden bed weeding and clearing. We’ve got tiny green strawberries, and the peas (that did not get eaten by the rabbits) are blooming.

I am harvesting wonderful lettuces, pea shoots, and radishes. We can harvest the green (walking) onions, but they are starting to set seed, so I thought I’d let them go for it, and only harvest the few onions that we need. All the potatoes are up (I am very excited about that). Also, two rows of beans! I will start a new sowing this week. The popcorn and sweet corn are intermittently coming up. William hoed the new garden, only realizing half-way through that he was hoeing up the sweet corn seedlings. Might need to replant.

Also, am loving all the blooms.

2 thoughts on “In the garden

  1. mmmm mmmmm good! our strawberries are ripening now, but our peas are a bit behind yours…. and our inaugural sweet corn planting was decimated by cutworms- dangit! considering reseeding and sprinkling diatomaceous earth around each plant. maybe. also- that last photo… is it a baptisia? we have one that has purple blooms, false indigo, and it looks just like this.

    *by the way, it was lovely to officially meet you at market this morning, and I’m already loving the hand salve!

  2. The little boys and I picked the first ripe strawberries yesterday (only 3 so far). Our sweet corn was decimated too. Very likely cutworms, but the popcorn planted on the same day had good emergence. I think sweet corn might be a little more susceptible to cool/wet conditions, and I was using untreated seed. I might replant, but am thinking to put in pumpkins instead and buy my sweet corn. Yes, that is baptisia, a yellow variety from the NC Botanical Gardens in Raleigh (Moonglow, I think).
    It was great to officially meet you too! Glad you like the salve.

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