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This week, my only peony (dug from my grandmother’s garden) bloomed beautifully. I (and now the children) have been waiting for this for a few years, and anticipation grew as, over the last few weeks, the bud got bigger and bigger until finally (and quite quickly) it opened into full bloom. Watching the ants work on the buds has been fun. Evva cut one bloom for the table in the house, and Hythe picked the other which, disappointingly, wilted in a day. Now, we will wait until next year. But, maybe plant a few more of these in the fall so there are more blooms to go around!

We are getting lots of lettuce from the garden–so much so that I feel like I ought to be eating a large salad for every meal. Unfortunately, the children are not big fans of lettuce. Anne generally eats a salad by choice, but Evva and Hythe have to be strongly encouraged to try it. I have not been able to make a salad dressing that they like. Suggestions?

I have nearly gotten all the potatoes hilled in the large garden. I’ve got one more 1/2 row to do. I saw a potato bloom yesterday, so soon we will have new potatoes. There are a lot of potatoes out there.

Also beans are coming up and the squash is growing. Time to plant another row of beans. Cilantro is blooming (this is how I nearly always have cilantro–let it go to seed in the garden). Strawberries are getting picked and eaten (a garden chore the kids love to do, especially Evva). I got straw mulch on the tomatoes and squash this week, and need to clean out one more bed to put the new onion sets that are growing from the walking onions (don’t they look crazy?). I also want to plant some pumpkins.

Whew! It is a lot–lots to do, lots to eat, lots of fun to watch it grow.

How’s it growing in your garden?

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