In the garden





The garden is coming along. We planted pumpkins and winter squash this week. We’ve had a few evenings spent in the garden as a family–weeding, planting, racing through the potatoes, stomping on the onions (Steven). I love having small helpers in the garden. Then games in the grass after getting the garden work done.

The squash is coming along nicely. I haven’t had a good squash crop in years because I have not been diligent about picking off the insect pests (squash bug and borer). I may have succeeded this year, which means we are going to be flooded with squash for a while. I need to make a new bed for the walking onions. They are ready to “walk” to a new spot.



The big garden

The old, wilder garden

I am from where most of the potatoes that are commercially grown in NC are from, so we ate a lot of potatoes growing up. We would even glean the potato field by our house when I was little. My brother has a deep and abiding love for potatoes (especially mashed), but while I do like potatoes a lot, I am not quite so enamored. However, we planted about 5 different varieties of potatoes and I am very excited about new potatoes, I can nearly taste them. But, the only ones I found were about the size of a dime. Few more weeks . . . .

The larkspur is blooming and we are eating the few sour cherries on the little tree. Steven diverted from his normal diet of nuts and crackers to eat one. I think he really liked it!





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