in the garden






The first thing I did after pulling into the drive from our long trip and giving my husband a grateful-to-be-home-and-see-you-thanks-for-holding-down-the-fort hug (the little boys were asleep!), was head to the garden. I was excited to see how much it had grown over 11 days. The pumpkins and winter squash are thriving, the beans are producing, and the corn is over head-tall. The tomatoes needed tying up, the lettuce had bolted, and the garlic needed to be pulled. William did a great job taking care of things, but I feel great to be back overseeing things too. I planted the fifth sowing of beans before I left and they are up and growing, and we are harvesting a gallon of snap beans every other day. Lots going in the freezer. Hythe comes down to the garden with me to dig potatoes and to squish bean leaf beetles. We dig down around the potato plants to pull up those new potatoes, just enough for supper. I am excited about those pumpkins, too. I’ve never grown pumpkins, or at least not with any luck. These are looking good so far!

I’m glad to be back!

As a postscript, I will mention that William’s aunt and uncle with whom we visited in England had the most beautiful allotment (or community garden). I went over to see it a few times while we visited last week and was so impressed by the neatness, beauty, and massive amounts of food being produced. I am very sorry I did not take pictures to share, but each time I visited the allotment, I forgot my camera (and am not sure I would have been able to capture it well anyway). I love to see gardens where ever I am!

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