Daily Archives: July 9, 2014

jamming and pickling





I made the first batch of jam for the year this week.  Blackberry jam, from berried picked on a family walk the evening before.   I did not make strawberry jam because we like blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry jam just a little more, and because we love to freeze all our strawberries for smoothies to eat through the winter.  So, blackberry jam it was, and it was good.  We will be going out to forage more this week to stock up on jam.  Often, I freeze the berries right after they are picked and make jam later in the season when things are a little quieter.

Even though I am not a big fan of fermented things, I do love kimchi.  So, when I realized I had all the ingredients in my refrigerator and garden, I chopped them up.  A whole cabbage, some hot peppers (which I thought were sweet at first–but they are really hot!), and a few carrots, onions, and garlic from the garden.  I added a bit of ginger too.  This all amazingly squished down to one quart jar after the salt was added, and is now sitting on the kitchen counter fermenting (and being weighed down by a jar of jam!).  I know this is not true, authentic kimchi, but the flavor comes really close, it is easy to make, and it really is good!  I also don’t really eat it in the traditional way.  I add it to quesadillas, rice and beans, or put it on sandwiches.

Do you have any veggies or fruit you are jamming or pickling?