KCW: Day 3



At our house, Day 3 of KCW was also the day that a somewhat informal kids sewing camp started at our house.  I started planning this camp a few months ago as a way for my girls to get to hang out with some of their friends and have some constructive and creative time together.

So, with 5 sewing machines and 7 children, we embarked on a few small projects.  I did a little safety talk and pretty much set them loose on projects.  First, a cloth bookmark to get used to making stitches on a sewing machine, and a simple bag which they could embellish with applique. Then, I let them dye a yard of muslin with watered down tempera paints.  The idea was that they could do sun printing with botanicals (leaves, ferns, etc.), but it did not work out as well as it has for me in the past.  However, everyone seemed very pleased with their fabrics and I think their ideas were really great and that they turned out very nicely.  Tomorrow, the colored yard of fabric will be made into either a pillowcase or a circle skirt.






Tomorrow, I think I will spend a little time talking about the parts of the sewing machine and reiterate the steps for making a seam.  The biggest sewing problem was that each one of them forgot multiple times to put down the presser foot and so would tangle their bobbin thread terribly and I would have to come over and sort them out.  And, sometimes, as they were getting ready to start to sew a seam or an applique, I would say “put your foot down” which only made them press harder on the foot pedal of the machine while the presser foot remained up — and tangled thread, again.


They were all so excited about their projects and I was impressed with each one’s creativity and good spirit.

Also, last night and tonight, I cut out and sewed a little t-shirt for Hythe from a knit cotton (with lightning bolts!) I got on sale at Hancock fabrics.  He is very excited about it.


4 thoughts on “KCW: Day 3

  1. Oh Molly,
    I gave a Mini sewing lesson to an eight year old this spring and the biggest problem ws her beginning to sew with pressed foot up!

    I admire your energy for sharing your skills,,
    Looks like girls had a grand time.

  2. What a fantastic grandma you are! I just finished a “Fashion Week” camp with 6 girls. I can relate to your photos. The enthusiasm my campers (ages 7 to 10) had for sewing overwhelmed me.

    1. Thanks! But, I am just a mama, not a grandma! The kids did have a great time and they are all getting more excited about sewing, coming up with new projects by the minute! Yes, overwhelming.

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