Kids Clothes Week: Day 5



I made this little skirt for Evva on Day 5 of Kids Clothes Week (yesterday). It is a circle skirt by Dana of the blog MADE. It is an easy pattern (or process) and Anne and a friend of hers each made one at sewing camp this week from the fabric they painted. Evva wanted one too, but made from this rayon challis (I think that’s what it is) that I got from my grandmother’s stash when I was back “home” the other week. It was pretty silky, but strong, and very bright. Evva did the sewing for the elastic band and the edging  for the skirt waist herself.

It made a great little skirt. I did a narrow hem at the bottom, but thought later that I could have tried to do a rolled hem (and used the rolled hem foot that I have never used) since the fabric was so fine.

Evva is very pleased with the skirt and wore it all day today.

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