August is flying by





This month has been unseasonably cool (though this afternoon’s humidity and mild heat make me almost not write the former), with lots of rain and grey skies. When the sun does come out, we seem to want to be out in it as much as possible–enjoying the green-ness and summer while it lasts. We are eating many meals outside, playing games outside, working in the garden, playing in the sandbox, swinging, playing in the creek. Well, our children are doing most of the sandbox and swing play, while William and I do most of the work in the garden (and mowing of the grass).  I love to look out and see these little ones playing, being silly, and enjoying the freedom of childhood.  Hythe will give his silly smile, wrestle his little brother.  Most play outside is rambunctious, but occasionally I will see a few of them in quiet play–like this chess game.  After Evva won, and they forgot to put the game away, I caught Steven having a wonderful time sitting at the board and throwing all the pieces, one by one, into the grass.  We are now down a few more chessmen.

We went to a family wedding this weekend when William’s cousin got married on the farm. It was a lot of fun, and one of my favorite things about it was the outfit Evva chose to wear (seen in top pic): polka dot dress (“polka dots are supposed to be for fun parties”), a red straw hat (my grandmother’s), a fashion-knit scarf (hand-knit by someone–not me), and her new umbrella (gift from Daddy for the large rain storm that was predicted to happen during the outdoor wedding).

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