garden update and swap

turtle head






As much as I hate to admit it, things have turned to corner toward fall in the garden and in nature. Apples are ripening, the fall flowers are out (my favorite color combinations), the summer garden is dying off and the fall garden is getting greener, and pumpkins are being harvested! The fall flowers are the best! The meadow by our house is full of goldenrod, ironweed, cardinal flower, Queen Anne’s lace, turtlehead, and others. It is truly glorious.

I’ve harvested about a half bushel of acorn squash and a few butternuts, but the piece de resistance (excuse the omission of the accents) was the first large pumpkin from the garden. Unfortunately, it looks like these pumpkins will all be ripe well before the jack-o-lantern making time of late October–which was the reason Hythe wanted pumpkins in the garden in the first place. We might just have to have September jack-o-lanterns. I’ve explained it and he seems ok with that. He is also looking forward to pumpkin pies–as the first pumpkin had a few rotten spots on it, so it only stayed on the porch for a few days before going in the oven. I’ve been making quite a few apple tarts (or galletes), and now the children are expecting pies every night. But, fresh apple sauce is sufficing.




Found these in the garden, left after I picked them up empty from a house and then went to weed the garden. They got left and have been “decorating” the garden since. I need to get them to the recycling bin, but I like the stories I can make up in my head when I see them about why they are in the garden.


Turnips, carrots, beets (those rabbits have munched two rows and I’ll need to replant), lettuce, and radishes are coming along very well. The potatoes have all died now, and we’ll dig the rest this week, I think.  I need to do some weeding too!


Finally, I put together a package for a blogger in Alaska last week and mailed it off. I was participating in a blog swap organized by Amanda. I did this in the spring as well, and it was lots of fun to think up homemade gifts to send. This time, I sent flower seeds from my garden (larkspur, poppies, calendula), some walking onion sets (not sure how they will do in Alaska), a lavender sachet, garlic-herb salt (made with garlic and herbs from the garden), soap, and a hand salve.

3 thoughts on “garden update and swap

  1. what a lovely swap package to send out! I understand it can take a while for things to get all the way up to her, but I hope you here from her soon~

    ironweed is one of my very favorites……… I just love that deep purple color. our pumpkins are ready already as well but we’ve got just a few small ones- yours is impressively large!

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