high jinx at our house

Today has been a lively day at our house.  The two year old has been in rare (but adorable) form.  It started when I took the laundry out to the line this morning to dry.  I left Steven inside playing with a game (with his sister nearby).  When I came in a few minutes later, Steven had pulled out the half loaf of bread and torn each slice in pieces and thrown them all over the kitchen floor.  A short time later when I was making lunch (which was not sandwiches), the children were playing cards while they waited.  But, Steven in a few short, unsupervised minutes had opened the door to the wood stove and was depositing all the left over ashes he could reach onto the rug.  And a few minutes later, he poured his cup of water out on the leather chair.

Later, while making supper, Steven pulled all the paper towels off the roll when my back was turned. And, then at bedtime, he flooded the bathroom by pouring cup after cup of water on the bathroom floor.  I did not notice because I could only see him playing and happy as I helped the other children get ready for bed and the faucet was running so I did not hear the water hitting the floor.  Whew!

Steven was not the only troublemaker today, though.  Hythe got up in the middle of supper to play with the new kitten.  I asked him to put the kitten down, wash his hands, and come finish his supper. A short time later, while we were nearly finished with supper, I realized the kitten was mewing more and more loudly and pitifully.  I asked where the kitten was and Hythe indicated it was nearby.  I asked him where he had put the kitten when I told him to put it down, thinking he might have shut it in the house when it wanted to be outside (we were eating outside).  Hythe gestured to the front of the house.  At the point, Evva got up to go look for it, and I asked Hythe again where he put the kitten.  His innocent face looked at me and he shrugged.  Just then, Evva found the kitten . . . shut up in the grill.

Anne told me tonight when I was putting her to bed and she was lamenting the fact that she had to grow up, “Childhood is just such a great opportunity.”


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