little man









I know I have been posting a lot about our littlest one. But, he is so cute and funny and sweet. And, this only lasts for a very short time. Two year olds are my favorite–it is such a great age of silliness, cuddles, easy-to-handle (i.e. distract) temper tantrums, and innocence. Steven is talking more and more, quite has his own opinions and desires (“go to gro store”, “nola bar now”). He adores his brother and daddy and likes his sisters pretty well. He loves to swing (“high”), especially with brother. When he gets hurt (physically or feelings), he will turn to his sisters for hugs and comfort. It is very sweet to witness. He is getting more independent and wanting to help out. He even cleans out the dishwasher! At at party recently, he tried to open beers for everyone. As a side note, everything in a can is a “beer” to him–we walked down the soup aisle in the grocery store today and he kept saying “beer?, beer?, soup?”. He copies whatever Hythe is doing and Hythe puts up with it pretty well, rarely excluding him in games or whatever fun mischief he is up to. They are right now playing horrible tunes on the piano and laughing together. I am trying to cherish this time, with our last, enjoying the preciousness, breathing through the messes and tempers, and knowing it won’t last long.

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