a kitten






I have always liked cats, how they are aloof and don’t need much attention but can be soft and sweet and fun to pet and hold. We only had cats for pets growing up and I always bonded with them. So, when my in-laws brought a tiny kitten (found at Tuckaseegee) to us a little over a month ago, I hesitantly said we could keep him. We’d been thinking about getting a kitten, but I was hesitant (and stayed that way) to take a kitten on for a couple of reasons. 1. We don’t have a great track record with cats – in the last 5 years we’ve had 4 kittens/cats which all disappeared or died within a few days or months. We have a lot of coyotes, bobcats, and other predators which do away with a lot of cats. 2. I am reluctant to be responsible for keeping another living creature alive. The children and dog are enough. But, William talked me through my doubts and the children doted on the kitten, putting out food and water, petting and carrying the little thing around. And, he was cute.

He has grown a lot in the last month, been christened Cloudy, and loves to attack poor Tucker who good natured-ly puts up with the biting, clawing kitten scrambling all over him. Hythe has really bonded with the kitten and will carry him around like a baby doll. This rambunctious little cat will submit to be carried around by Hythe and will sit still when Hythe wants to put him in his lap and pet him. We even took Cloudy to Tuckaseegee with us last week. He was an easy traveler, had fun playing at his birth place, and the kids enjoyed having their kitten to cuddle with on the cold mornings.

We’re going to keep him, and I certainly hope he survives the next few months. I’ve gotten attached too.


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