Daily Archives: October 17, 2014


I often post a “this moment” on Fridays.  As Amanda from SouleMama says, it is a simple, special, extraordinary moment I want to pause, remember, and savor.

The whole of autumn (and spring, too) feels that way to me.  I want the colors to pause, I want the weather to stay cool, but not cold, with warm days and blue skies.  I want to savor the colors, temperatures, and beauty of fall.  But, fall also feels sad to me, as spring does not.  There is a feeling of loss, death, and good-bye that is just-this-side of gloomy and depressing.  The colors and perfect weather are fleeting.  Soon the mountains will be grey, outside will be cold, and the sun won’t peek over the top of the mountain until late morning.

But, today I am going to savor the fall, and share a few pictures of “this moment”.