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I have not been doing a lot in the garden for the last few weeks, besides harvest some things.  It really does slow down for us here with all the summer crops gone and the fall ones planted and growing.  Weeding is minimal, there are very few bugs, we’ve had plenty of rain.  There is just not a lot to do.  Which is nice.   I like to just enjoy the fall colors and green garden.



I’ve been pulling out turnips and carrots, mostly.  There are lots of carrots and turnips – with a lot still in the ground.  Hythe loves to come help me pull up the carrots.  He has his own bag of them in the refrigerator.  But, the turnips are a bit of a problem.  I like turnips pretty well, but William and I are the only ones in the house who don’t completely hate them.  I’ve cooked them every way possible – soups, roasted, boiled and buttered, braised.  The children do not like them.  And, to be honest, after a few days, I am pretty tired of them too.  Unfortunately, I planted a LOT of turnips in the garden.  I am contemplating using some of them as winter cover crop for the rows they are on and just not pick them.  I picked a few the other day and put them in the root cellar to see how they store.  I even carved a couple of them, with Hythe’s help, into tiny Jack-o-Lanterns (which the dog promptly ate  when walked away – at least HE loves them).  So, have any suggestions for turnips?



*By the way, it looks like two of our garden pumpkins have survived long enough to be carved for Halloween!*

This week the seed garlic arrived.  I ordered it the week before when I realized I had not done so yet and it really was time (or past time) to plant.  This year, I just got hard neck garlic.  In the last two years I’ve grown soft neck which you can braid and they keep fairly well.  But, I want to have garlic scapes in the summer and have slightly less cumbersome bulbs to store (i.e. no long leaves to clean and braid).  We’ll see how it goes.  They are now in the ground, with Steven’s help.  The day after we planted garlic, a large order of narcissus and other spring flowering bulbs arrived from Brent and Becky’s Bulbs.   William will may be horrified, but I think I ordered nearly 100 bulbs!  Now, I need to get digging – but first figure out where to plant all these bulbs.




1 thought on “in the garden update

  1. I have never like turnips very much either. Grammy really liked them but she would eat whatever anyone else would not so as not to waste any food.
    you can plant some of those bulbs at my house if you run out of space.
    Love you

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