from out to in




It is supposed to be very cold here tomorrow – down to 12 degrees.  And, as the temperatures have been dropping, we’ve started the transfer of lots of play time outside to lots of play time inside.  We’ve already had our first snowfall. As much as I wish we could be outside (or I could easily send the children outside!), the bitter cold does not allow it for very long. We try to dress warmly, but for little ones especially, it can be hard. So, our days are filling with more inside activities – games, arts and crafts, trucks, building blocks, train tracks, and lots of books. Being more confined to the inside makes this house feel much smaller also. Something we all have to get used to again. It can be loud and messy with little arguments popping up more quickly. We try to find our “quiet” spots, try to pick up our projects and toys (except for the 2 yo who is by far the messiest!), try to help out and sometimes be out of the way – try to make this HOME.

The boys and I were out on a hike enjoying the last of the fall color last week.  Today was mostly inside with blocks, dress up, art projects.




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