Whew, it is cold out there today!  Second day in a row not going above freezing – quite cold, for here.  School was cancelled today when the heater broke, but my girls are outside playing right now.  They’ve been doing art, crafts, reading, and cleaning, and the boys are at their cousins house.

I’ve been swimming in work – soap business stuff, farm stuff, home stuff – I’m coming up for air for a few minutes!  The new year makes me want to set new intentions, schedules, and goals (not necessarily, resolutions).  I would like to be more organized and intentional with my time, efforts, and material things (I’d love to do a major purge of the house).  I was feeling overwhelmed today with the build up of clutter – the piles of papers, toys, books, clothes that need to be sorted, put away, given away.  Then, looked down to see the ultimate clutter-maker, Steven, pulling all the pieces out of a game, and I remembered that this is the time of life for it – super-full, busy, crazy, messy, but very important and wonderful.  Really, the only way to make sure it is wonderful, is to stop and treasure the moment.  Remember that childhood is fleeting, realize that the mess won’t be forever.  Do what I can . . . yes.  Stress over it . . .no.  (And, try to remember that!)

I’ve done a lot of sewing and knitting lately, and I thought I would report on it.

For, Christmas Eve, I made the boys pjs and the girls nightgowns.  I made them all (except for Steven’s pants) from organic knit cotton fabric that I had dyed this fall with natural dyes.  Fabric for the girls gowns was dyed with avocado seeds and skins.  It came out a very pale pink.  I wish it had been a little darker.  The “ribbon” on the gowns I made from fabric I dyed with black walnuts.  I also made Hythe’s pants with it.  It came out a beautiful brown.  For the boys shirts, I used a fabric that was a disaster in terms of dying.  I tried to use rusty nails and vinegar – thinking (reading) that it would give a dark brown, almost black dye.  It did not work for me.  I got a rusty, dirty looking fabric.  But, I thought it would be perfect for a boy’s t-shirt.  They can get it as dirty as they want and I don’t ever have to worry about stains.  For Steven’s pants, I cut up an old t-shirt of Williams.  All the patterns were self-drafted, except for Hythe’s pants which were from Oliver+S pattern.  I also made Hythe an entire outfit from that pattern.  He liked the pants, and even though he picked out the fabric, he won’t wear the shirt.  And, it is so cute!



I knit three hats for the oldest three children.  Of course, one is already missing – and I don’t have a picture of it.  But, they are all proud of their hats.  I knit Hythe’s hat from a variegated yarn he picked out at the SAFF in October.  I just finished the hat and he has no recollection of picking out the yarn, so he is not as excited as he was.  And, he’s confused about the stripes (from the variegation), but he likes it.



I finished Anne’s quilt a bit before Christmas, but haven’t gotten a good picture of it yet.  I love that she has a little special quilt for herself, made with lots of little scraps of favorite dresses.


Finally, I am making some things for myself.  I subscribed to Seamwork Magazine, a monthly on-line sewing magazine from Colette Patterns, and it provides some simple patterns for basic garments (and bags) that don’t take a lot of time to make.  I made a cardigan from a black cotton/bamboo/Lycra fabric.  It is fairly thick (not as thin as a t-shirt) and quite warm.  I love it.  I am planning an entire outfit – black leggings and a cute wool skirt from some fabric I got this weekend.  Hopefully, I’ll get around to it all soon.


William bought me some clothing labels.  He really wants me to label my creations.  And, I do like having a tag in the back of garments.  It is fun, too.


6 thoughts on “made

  1. I love the tag in your cozy cardigan! It’s an inspiring make as I’ve been trying to make more practical garments not just pants and skirts. Also, the children look darling in their pajamas and hats! Great work drafting the patterns for them too! What wonderful and loving gifts, I think those are the best kind. I too did hand made gifts this year and I throughly enjoyed it. Keep up the great work in the new year!

  2. Thanks for all the compliments! I was pretty happy with the way the tags look. I do like making practical garments – especially with 4 kids to sew for. I enjoyed seeing your gifts too – nice job on the men’s shirt!

  3. I’m making a quilt for myself much like your daughter’s, with squares of outgrown clothing from my children. It is a laaarge project. Please tell your daughter her quilt is inspiring me with mine 🙂

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