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Lots going on this weekend!  We have had, what I consider, perfect winter weather – cold nights, warm-ish days.  I love 50-60 degree sunny winter days.  We can all be outside, working and playing, for so much of the day.  I love it.

I got to go to a “Designer Diva” meeting on Saturday morning, meeting with about 20 other women sewers to talk about sewing.  I love this once-a-month meeting of some amazing  area sewers.  I am definitely the youngest (maybe by 20 years), but I learn so much from them and get inspired by them and their artistic sensibilities.  About 4 months ago, at my first meeting, one of the women had a silk sari that she cut into 10 half yard pieces.  Each of us attending the meeting got a section and were given the challenge to make something from this small piece of fabric.  I put my little silk aside when I got home and watched it float around my fabric stash for the last 4 months, thinking that I probably missed the meeting were the projects were presented and maybe they would forget that I had of the piece of silk.   When I got the email a week ago that we were supposed to present what we had made with the silk this week, I decided to get busy and do something with it.  I had thought about making a bag from it, but what I really wanted to make was a sleeveless shirt for one of my girls.  The edges of the sari were woven so they would not fray, so I just cut of a simple tank pattern, wide so Anne could get it over her head.  I put in a little box pleat in the front and back and let the gold pattern speak for itself on the bottom front.  I made a very thin bias tape with the scraps of the silk and finished it with gold thread.  Loading that bobbin made me think of spinning gold like Rumpelstiltskin.  While it was not perfect (mainly the thin bias tape binding), it did look good and made a good impression on those Divas on Saturday!

In the afternoon, we picked up apple prunings from the orchard.  A fairly easy task and half of the children helped (though Hythe mainly played with the sticks).  It was a fun bit of work.  And, we are trying to instill in our children that work can be fun and that work must be done.

William also hung up the really cool swing that the children got from Santa for Christmas.  It does take us parents a long time to get around to some things, but luckily our children are usually very understanding.  They were happy to have it up, and even William and I got a few swings on it.  Fun!

I harvested the last carrots from the garden – a full half bushel!  I was waiting for a few warmer days with no rain to get them all out. I am not sure why I let them stay in the ground so long, but I think because I was tired of gardening, or got too busy, or just forgot about them.  But, they are beautiful and taste good.  Some tops had a bit of freeze damage, but I think they will store for a while.

And, grandpa brought over a typewriter that he found in his attic.  Anne and Evva were very excited about it and wrote a few letters before the spacebar stopped working.  I know these machines are simple and we should be able to get it working again, but see two paragraphs above about how quickly William and I get around to getting things done sometimes.

Final news is that I got a new camera – a DSLR.  I am very excited about it and having lots of fun.  All these pictures are with the new camera as I get used to it and learn how to use it.

Hope your weekend was great!


4 thoughts on “the weekend

  1. so much goodness going on at your place this weekend! those carrots are beautiful!
    I love seeing kids using real tools- how fun to have so many helpers and how great that they are learning the value of good work, and that it need not always be a total bummer to do it.

    that typewriter looks a lot like the one I found for Claire at goodwill- I bet it’ll be an easy fix, hopefully. when hers got stuck I just kinds poked at it a bunch until it worked again. that’s my go-to method of fixing things 😉

    that swing! I’ve had a skateboard swing that looks like that pinned on pinterest for years and keep saying ‘one day….’ where’d you get it? looks like loads of fun.

    sweet kitty- lovely shirt- and congrats on the camera, have fun!

    1. Thanks, Amanda. Maybe I’ll poke around on that typewriter soon – or maybe it will miraculously work again next time we get it out! I got the swing at a toy store in Chapel Hill (we stopped there quickly on the way back from the coast before Christmas) – it was right off the highway. It is lots of fun. The kids love it, and William and I can get on too!

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