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The first two pictures show our poor girls when they were suffering from the stomach bug this week.  I am glad they could use their quilts (the only ones I’ve ever made) for comfort and warmth.  William hung a hammock chair in our living room last week and it has been a spot everyone has wanted to sit – and Evva took her sick nap there.

Luckily, everyone was feeling better by William’s birthday this week.  I made a chocolate pound cake for him.  I had plans to make a s’mores cake from Smitten Kitchen cookbook, made with graham crackers, chocolate, and a frosting that needed to be toasted with a blow torch.  But, I gave up on the idea when I realized I really did not have time (or energy) for making a semi-complicated cake.  I would have had to go to the grocery store – and figure out how to use a blow torch.  So I went with a cake that I had the ingredients, time, and skills to make.  And, that chocolate pound cake was delicious, even if I did go on a short walk to have a moment to myself and forget to take the cake out of the oven beforehand.  It did not really burn, just got a little crisp on the outside.

Then, I settled down to do some sewing at the end of the week.  But, first I had to open up my machine and stick a magnet down in there to get all the pins that Steven has been sneaking into the tiny holes on the top of the machine.  He loves to do it and I’ve caught him at it a few times.  I’ve told him not to put the pins down the holes, but he told me that was where they go.  And, to be fair, there doesn’t seem to be a point to those two tiny holes and pins fit through them perfectly.

The girls both had birthday parties to go to this weekend and they were up for gifting homemade presents.  So, we made a pair of pajama shorts for one friend from a soft cotton jersey.  I bought the end of a bolt of this fabric from Hancock Fabrics many months ago.  I did not realize how much I was getting until it was measured – 8 yards!

I also made a circle skirt for another friend.  Evva picked out the fabric from my stash.  I debated if I should put my tag in these garments.  A tag gives the garment a more professional, slightly less handmade, look.  But, is it too silly or pretentious?  I finally decided to put a tag in, figuring I should be proud of my work and my children like to have the tags in their handmade garments.

This week I also finished up an outfit for myself.  I am trying to make some core clothes or outfits for my wardrobe.  I sewed up a black cardigan a few weeks ago, and made a pair of leggings last week. I love the leggings.  They are very comfortable and have a cute petal cuff.  They are also very simple and easy to sew up.  I made them from a black French terry of cotton and bamboo with Spandex.  They hold their shape well and are very warm.  Finally, I finished a mini-skirt I made from some plaid wool with tiny silver strips running through it.  You can see the outfit above sans cardigan (I was actually too warm to put it on – it may have also been in the washing machine).  I am pretty happy with it!

Thanks to Seamwork Magazine for the cardigan and leggings patterns!

This coming week is Kids Clothes Week and I am planning on participating.  The theme is upcycling.  I am not sure what I will do with the theme yet, but I have some ideas – and some projects to work on.


4 thoughts on “week in review and sewing projects

  1. You should always put your signature on the clothes you make. You did it so sign it !
    I am proud of you. Love the skirts
    Glad most are well
    Sorry I missed Williams birthday. Tell him I will make it up to him.
    I really miss you all.

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