Kids Clothes Week: day one review

I will be one day late in revealing what I sewed, or cut, or drafted for Kids Clothes Week (a one week challenge to spend one hour each day making clothes for your children) since I usually do my sewing at night after the children are in bed.  After sewing, I go to bed!

Yesterday, we had a beautiful snow flurry that blew about so much that the mountain was nearly whited out.  The wind howled and the trees roared on the mountain and the ground got a slight dusting.  Steven had to go out to see.


The bitter cold wind kept everyone inside in the afternoon, playing happily with that wonderful classic toy, Lincoln Logs – and their imaginations.


But, I did finally get around to sewing and made Anne a pair of sleeping shorts she has been wanting.  I made them from the never-seems-to-be-gone knit cotton fabric.  Luckily, all the children think the fabric is cool so I can make lots of things from it.  The pattern is Oliver+S Nature Walk pants (modified to shorts).

I laid the shorts on the table so she would see them when she got up this morning.  She was excited.


My plan for today is to make a pair for Evva (and maybe Hythe).  I hope to get them cut out sometime today and sew them up tonight.  It only takes about 30-40 minutes to sew these up.


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