Kids Clothes Week: day 2 – 3 review






Tuesday night I cut out and sewed up a pair of pajama shorts for Evva (to match those I’d made for Anne).  She was very happy, and the girls danced together in the hall tonight before bed while I took pictures.

Did I mention this KCW’s theme was upcycled clothes?  Meaning, if possible, try to make clothes from fabric that is already made into something (thrifted, worn out, bad fit, etc.)  So, I on Tuesday night I also cut up a hand-me-down knit dress with a truly terrible fit for young girls, and made the skirt part into a t-shirt for Evva.  I drafted the pattern myself and experimented with no sleeves, just a little cap.  I’ve seen this style around but I don’t know what it is called – a t-shirt with a front panel and back panel sewed together with sleeves as part of the panel, not separate sections.  Anyway, I made the sleeves very short in case it did not work out well, but it seems to fit her.

I wanted to make the very plain t-shirt more interesting and debated how to do it.  I’ve wanted to try to applique some designs onto knits and thought this was a perfect opportunity to try it out.  So, on Wednesday, I interfaced some pink knit fabric scraps I had and cut them into flower petals.  I appliqued by hand with embroidery floss – a shiny pink that was part of a friendship bracelet pack of Anne’s – using a backstitch.  So, on Wednesday, I spent a little more than an hour wrestling the metallic thread through fabric to make a flower.  I had plans to make another smaller one, but that thread was difficult and once I’d finished one flower, I’d had enough.  Evva likes the shirt – and loves the flower.  Anne and Evva both loved the flower, which makes me think I will start doing some applique on plain t-shirts.  I love how it looks also.  I was inspired by Alabama Chanin (which is far above anything I’ve done, but the idea of layering shapes in knit cloth) and Synergy.  I love the clothes from both of these designers.

Next up?  I am cutting up a beautiful dress of gorgeous fabric that just never worked for my girls (and the construction was a little shoddy in places).  Planning on making a  skirt.  Tonight.  I’m off.

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