Kids Clothes Week: day 4 and 5 review

On day 4, I made up a skirt for Evva from a simple little pattern from Maja’s Heirlooms (a company that may not exist anymore).  I found the pattern at a thrift store and think it was donated there by a wonderful local, independent fabric store that closed down last year.  I also made a skirt from this pattern for Anne a few months ago for her school uniform.

The wonderful fabric came from a dress that I had put in the quilt-making pile, but I pulled it out because the fabric is so wonderful and there was enough there to make something else wearable.  The dress was made by a local seamstress, but I did not like the construction.  It looked like a coat, but was not lined.  It was a cold dress to wear in winter and the buttons popped open all the time.  I could have sewed all the button holes shut, but one of the buttons popped off and was lost – and since it was an impractical dress, I thought I might make it over.  I decided on the skirt because it is a quick sew, looks great, and I knew there would be enough fabric.

It came together very quickly.  When I made the skirt for Anne, I put in an invisible zipper (per instructions), but she never needed it because the little bit of elastic in the waist made it easy to slip on and off.  So I did not put in a zipper, nor did I have to hem it.  It looks great and Evva loves it.

On day 5, I took a pair of Anne’s leggings with a hole in the knee, cut them off and made a cuff, so they are like yoga or running pants.  She loved them and wore them all day today.  I also started making a cowl for Anne, but I was too tired to sew today.  The beautiful weather here (and my coming down with a cold) found me sitting in the sunshine, resting during my free time today.  I hope to finish tomorrow and will post about it (only missing one day of KCW this time).







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