week behind






This past week flew by (or crept by as the situation went).  I did actually finish the Kids Clothes Week on day 6 with a cute pom-pom cowl for Anne.  Green being her favorite color and loving trim, she adored this cowl and has worn it everyday since.  Then, I came down with a nasty cold and tonsillitis (and no day 7 of KCW), and William left the same day to be out of town for three days.  I couldn’t stay in bed and nurse the illness since all the children had to be fed, clothed, and transported to school, etc. Not to mention, I had to work.  But, I did high myself to bed as soon as they were tucked in and the dishes done.  No other house work, crafting, or writing took place.  I was finally starting to feel better when I had to leave for a work conference for two days.  I got back to enjoy one warmish day, to admire the small lenten roses starting to bloom and the snow drops growing larger everyday.  Then this afternoon turned chilly, wind picked up, clouds blew in, and the forecast looks dire for spring.   I will have to look for the beauty of winter (maybe some snow!?) a little while longer.  And, Valentine’s Day!  Whew!  It can be very full with 3 children who not only have classes full of other children to give Valentine’s to, but who also come home with bags full of Valentine’s from their classmates.  Only one child came home with lots of junky candy to send him on sugar highs and lows for a full day (thank goodness the girls’ school asked for no-candy V-day treats!) – and a sweet Valentine from his teacher.

All this to say, I feel a week behind.   With the soap business, with my sewing projects (for me, now – a skirt and a pair of jeans!), and definitely with housekeeping.  So, I’ll take a deep breath, fold the laundry, ignore the mess in the living room, vacuum, ignore the train tracks scattered across the boys room – spend the evening sewing, go to work tomorrow afternoon (still ignoring messes).  Eventually it will get done, or picked up, I’ll find a chance to sit and sew, and there will be another mess to clean up.  It is a cycle for now, one that I do have to try and stay on top of – to balance, but that is never perfect.  But, since we don’t do perfection in this house, I’m ok with it!

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