brrrr . . . and soap






We moved our soap making business to a tiny stone cottage in November.  The move was good for our growing  cottage (literally) industry.  We needed the space, we needed to take the next step for the business if it was going to grow.  This cottage is a perfect size with plenty of room for storing our supplies, great views and light for working, and is really cute.  There a couple of downsides so far, though.  First, and most important at the moment, there is no heat.  But, there is a wood stove.  So, we have to fire it up a lot.  It is a balmy 43 degrees in there on most days lately without the fire.  When we make soap, we need to keep that fire roaring to get the cottage up to about 65.  We want to be comfortable when working, but this is also important for the soap making process.  The soap gels and sets up much better when we have the temps up to at least 60.  We also don’t want the water pipes to freeze.

For the next few days, we will be checking in with the fire and temps in the soap cottage and hauling wood over there while this winter storm passes over and a very cold front descends.  Hopefully. it will stay a little cozy.

One of the exciting products I have been working on lately with the soap business, is a shampoo bar.  I made a shampoo bar last year just for myself after I decided I did not want to use conventional shampoos that had so many unpronounceable ingredients (even the “organic” ones).  I have fine hair and I use great all-natural soap on my body.  Why not on my scalp and hair.  So, I did a little research.  I made the shampoo bar with some heavy, very moisturizing oils, and have always used a vinegar rinse after shampooing, which leaves my hair soft and without buildup.  I have used this shampoo (and rinse) for the last year and love it.  We will be slowly rolling out the shampoo bars in the next few weeks.

Anybody used any alternatives to “traditional” shampoo?

2 thoughts on “brrrr . . . and soap

  1. Hi there! We met at the cooking class in Asheville. I ordered several bars for stocking stuffers, everyone just loved it! Got some for me too and it smells so good. Best of luck w/ your business!

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