it is cold!



Predictions of snow – the first this year – were coming in Monday morning.  100% chance of 2 to 4 inches.  That would probably be enough to go sledding on, play in, build a small snowman.  We were starting to look forward to it.  About 11 a.m., large snowflakes started falling beautifully from the sky.  School let out early.  Then, the snow turned into a kind-of sleet. Small icy pellets drilling down until there was an inch on the ground.  It lasted all day and all night.  Well, actually not all night, because we woke up to find that icy rain had also fallen in the night, covering everything (even the icy sleet pellets) with 0.2 inch of ice.  Most. Dissappointing. Snow. Ever.

But, the kids had a great time sledding on the ice covered hills around the house.  It was fast, hard ride, and there were a few broken sleds when a child bounced too hard over an icy bump.  And, there were a few raspberries where exposed skin got pulled over gravely ice – my hip during a sledding wipe out, Hythe’s knee and ankle (the boy won’t wear socks and had holes in his jeans), Anne’s face.

The roads were slick sheets of ice, the driveway more like a luge.  It was even hard to walk in the yard (on the grass)!  Needless to say, school has been cancelled ever since, with a valiant attempt yesterday with a 3 hour delay but a 1.5 hour early release when it started to snow again.

And, it did snow again, putting a dusting of snow over all that ice.  And, the temperatures have dropped so that the high today is 10 degrees.  It is cold!

I am ready for spring.

But, William keeps telling me we need to have winter.  That winter is important.  I’m not convinced.  He does seem to relish the coldness, snow, ice,  and similar uncomfortable winter elements.  I, on the other hand, tolerate winter.  I love the time up till Christmas and New Year and then I am ready for spring.  I actually don’t mind snow – it is fun to sled in and play in – or ice when there is pond hockey.  But, the continued bitter cold with no snow, can’t-get-outside-because-it-is-so-cold, bundling of reluctant children, is just not fun.  I do see the beauty in winter.  Even in those cold, gray days I see the breathtaking starkness of the  mountains.  The raw beauty of naked trees.  The silvery sheen of ice on branches.   My children playing outside in the frosty world.











I also loved the Valentine I saw Anne had made for herself propped up on the art table.



1 thought on “it is cold!

  1. Like William , I love winter. I am new to loving it.
    Used to suffer until spring.
    It is so cold here. In the minus temps tomorrow. With snow …six inches. No school all week.
    Uncle Jerry’s only granddaughter Emily is coming for supper tonight. I hope I am as creative as you with my cooking!

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