a real snow day








We woke up to a real snow day today – not icy/sleet days like last week.  We spent the morning sledding and are back home for some play, crafting, and Harry Potter movie watching.  Off to a kids yoga class soon, too, as the roads are not bad and the temps are well above those of last week.

The cold and ice of last week brought with it a growing dissatisfaction with winter and and growing longing for spring (at least for me).  I watched my sweet little snowdrops  and the first lenten rose blooms keel over and touch the ground with their sweet blooms as the temperatures dropped last week.  I expected, and hoped, they would perk back up, but they haven’t yet.  The lenten roses look even more bedraggled and browned than before.

We did have enough ice on the local pond to skate and play hockey on Saturday.  I was so tired of the cold that I did not even want to get out, but I finally did and was glad I did.  It felt good to glide over the ice and was lots of fun to play and watch the game.

On our good thaw-out day, Sunday, I made it up to the Big House (the beautiful, old, rambling house of William’s great and grand parents and now of his aunt and uncle).  William’s great grandmother, Elizabeth, planted scores of snowdrops and English crocuses in what is called the rock garden in the late 19-teens.  There, I found the snowdrops just opening, unhurt by the recent weather – hardy, beautiful, standing in the remaining snow.  I took hope, as I always do, that spring is coming.  It also reminded me of one of Cicely Mary Barker flower fairy poems – the Song of the Snowdrop Fairy:

Deep sleeps the Winter,
Cold, wet, and gray;
Surely all the world is dead;
Spring is far away.
Wait! the world shall waken;
It is not dead, for lo,
The Fair Maids of February
Stand in the snow!


4 thoughts on “a real snow day

  1. I love the pictures and your ever optimistic attitude….
    I was just reading about the plains Indians in early 1800s the children would play on the ice bare, no clothes…thought of that when I saw Cyrus in short sleeves. Must say I was glad to see ours in winter garb

    1. Ha! Levi ran through the ice last week from his house to the barn to try to catch up with Anne (who was in a car) to give her a cape she left at his house – ran with no shoes on! The day it was a high of 9 degrees, Cyrus was sledding/coasting at the Big House in a short sleeve shirt and without gloves or mittens! I

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