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While we, especially the children, get out in the snow (and ice) to sled, hike, romp, and play, the very cold days have also had us inside quite a bit.  We limit screen time as much as possible, though the girls are slightly obsessed with Harry Potter right now and short sections of movies tend to get played once or twice a day on snow days.  So, what to do?  Generally, the kids have good ideas about what they want to do – there is lots of art and crafty projects.  The girls read, I read to the boys.  I cook and have helpers.  I made some awesome mini fried apple pies (with my canned apple pie filling and basic biscuit dough).  They are a treat!

We all do some writing – letters to friends or family, stories, book reports.  We have lots of art, sewing, and craft supplies on hand most of the time.  Evva drew pictures all over a sheet of paper to send to a cousin last week.  Anne made “monsters” out of colored puff balls, glue, and glitter.  Hythe enjoys drawing and coloring and having “work” to do with his art.  Steven loves uncapping a marker, scribbling a bit (on paper, the floor, his arm), re-capping it, and going on to the next one.   Hythe also loves needle work.  A wonderful aunty gave him a set of constellation sewing cards which he loved, and now he is also asking to sew on fabric.  He concentrates and does a great job.  My next idea is to get him to do a simple drawing on the fabric and see if he can embroider it.  He may be too young.

We had some friends over on the weekend – somewhat to celebrate the thaw out and socialize (it can get isolating to be snowed-in in the country).   Music was made, and Hythe tried to join in with every instrument he had any knowledge of – violin, harmonica, guitar.  Finally, one of the guests put his banjo in Hythe’s lap and gave him a pick.  Hythe loved it!  He had a pretty good rhythm and enjoyed playing so much.  He is now clamoring for banjo lessons and his own banjo – “I’m really good, Mom.”

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