a little sewing




I’ve been doing a bit of sewing for myself lately.  I made an awesome pair of leggings from a pattern from Seamwork magazine.  They have been perfect for running, yoga, and under skirts.  So comfortable and warm (important this past month)!   I like the petal cuff detail, too.  I also whipped out a t-shirt with that thin cotton lightning knit (I have a ton of it).  I drafted the pattern from one of my favorites in my dresser and it turned out great – very comfortable, good fit.  I did not finish any of the hems or neckline, partly because I wanted the shirt quickly and partly because this one was going to be casual – for exercise or around the house/garden.  I will definitely make this one again and finish off the hems for a slightly nicer garment.

My all-time favorite skirt is from Synergy. The skirts are so comfortable and flattering and fun.  I own three of them.   These skirts are in heavy rotation in my wardrobe that they are starting to show the wear – a few small holes in one, stains (look like bleach stains, but I don’t use bleach, so maybe toothpaste??) on the others.   Since the style is so simple, I decided to try to make my own.  I made the skirt from a knit (interlock) fabric, drafting a pattern from one of the originals.  It turned out quite nice.  I finally decided to do a tree design on the front and cut out a piece of fabric for it from some organic knit that dyed with marigolds this fall.  I figured out that the only way to embroider the little knit piece on to another knit (or probably any fabric) is to stabilize it with a bit of lightweight interfacing.  Then, I just embroidered around the edge and did a design.  I really liked the design, but was not sure it was enough (and maybe the tree looked like a leaf), so I asked William what he thought.  He said it looked like a cartoon tree!  I think I want to add another smaller tree.  Maybe that will help it look more like a tree.  Anyway, I like it!  And, it fits well and is comfortable!

I also patched a pair of Hythe’s jeans, using a technique I have not done before.  I interfaced (fusible) the holes, then made a patch with interfacing and a scrap of fabric.  I sewed them together, turned them right side out and fused the interfaced back to the knees.  Then, I embroidered them to the knee.  I think they should hold up well.  But, Hythe did not like them.  He said he wanted the patches to be the same as the jeans.  I forced them on him one day as he was trying to run out to sled without any clothes on.  By the end of the morning, he said he did like them.

I have just cut out and sewed a muslin for making myself a pair of jeans.  I am quite intimidated by this project, but determined to finish it.  After trying on the muslin last night and marking it up and pinning all the many adjustments, I decided I really just needed to cut it two sizes smaller.  So, I will start over tonight, perhaps.

Other sewing projects in planning are spring dresses for Anne and Evva.  Maybe I can have them finished by Easter.  I have the fabric and patterns, so it should not be too hard to get done.  It will be nice to work on some projects with lots of color, too!



2 thoughts on “a little sewing

  1. You are amazing!!,
    I want to tell you some time about Pili who was from Spain and lived across the street from me. She was like you with sewing. I was a pattern person and step,follower…
    I love reading about your projects and that the children like them. !!!!

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