in the garden


I can hardly believe that it is time for gardening (and by gardening, I mean vegetable gardening, because of course you can do chores in the garden nearly all year).  Two weeks ago, we had snow on the ground.  But, this week has been the perfect spring weather that gets you out in the garden to put those first seeds in.  We planted peas, radishes, lettuce, kale, mizuna, and spinach.  And, by we, I mean Hythe and I.  No one else wanted to get into the garden yet, and Hythe loved it.

Not many pictures so show yet as there is not much to see.  One quarter of the garden is soil with a little garlic growing, but seeded with the above veggies.  Three quarters needs to be tilled before I can plant anything else.  Potatoes will go in in April.  Beans, corn, squash, etc. wlll go in around the end of April or early May.

I am getting excited about the coming vegetable garden and “fruits of the labor”.

Other chores to get to this month:  pruning blueberries, planting raspberries, planting asparagus (and getting the bed ready for them first).

Are you in the garden yet?  What’s on your list of garden chores?


3 thoughts on “in the garden

    1. Yes! It is so nice to get out in the garden again. I am very happy about it. I know we are not out of the woods yet with winter, but enjoying spring weather now! Your art is beautiful, by the way. Glad to see it.

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