Daily Archives: March 15, 2015

this dress



I made this dress for Evva for her 8th birthday last week, finishing it up just before bed the night before.  I used the Oliver + S Croquet Dress pattern and a beautiful green linen.  I bought 6 (six!) yards of this green linen on a whim when a wonderful local fabric store was closing down last year.  I had a thought to make a dress with a matching jacket for myself out of it.  But, then, at home I realized I would be wearing close to 6 yards of green. Though the color is beautiful (and why I bought it), I thought it would be far too much green on me at that point.  And, green really isn’t my color, at least in those quantities.  In this dress for Evva, though, it is perfect.  And, now I want to make myself (finally) something from that green linen.  But, what? (suggestions welcome)

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I also broke down and bought a few half yards of some Liberty of London prints.  Good grief, they are expensive (hence the 1/2 yards)!  But, so utterly gorgeous.  I used one of the prints to make the belt, bow, and waistband on Evva’s dress.  It worked perfectly with the green linen.  The waistband and bow were cut on the bias, so I was very careful how to be conservative with the fabric.  I had to sew two strips together for the waistband, but it worked out well.  The other slight challenge with this dress was that Evva is so thin that she measured a size 5 for the dress.  I cut out a size 6, but when she tried it on, it was quite short – then, I remembered, she is tall and thin and not just thin.  So, I cut a 5 inch cuff to sew onto the bottom of the dress to give it a bit more length.  This actually improved the look of the dress as well.  I kind of wish I had one of these dresses myself.  She loves it and you can tell it is comfortable, light, and easy to wear, when she has it on.   And, I love that I can make her a special dress for her birthday (that she likes, too!).