birthday party round up











We had a joint birthday party for the two girls on Sunday afternoon at the Big House.  It was outside old-fashioned fun on a glorious warm spring day.  About 30 children showed up, as well as a few parents.  William and I (and one other awesome parent – seriously she was so good I thought she ought to hire herself out to organize kid games at birthday parties) organized easy games for the kids.  They played perpetual tag first, then we had a series of races/games: egg toss (those farm eggs are hard – eggs were literally bouncing across the yard multiple times without breaking), egg and spoon race, hula hoop relay, and sack race.  Then we had snacks and cake and ice cream.  I made two cakes, one for each of the girls.

Finally, we did pinatas – 2 of them – one for 9 and up and one for 8 and under.  The girls made their pinatas from paper grocery bags and decorated them with tissue paper and glue.  I doubled up the paper bags which made them surprisingly strong – everyone got at least two turns whacking the pinata.  I did not put a lot of candy in them (put in more stickers, tatoos, and a few simple toys), so the kids were disappointed and the parents were grateful.  By the second pinata, though, the candy had melted (note: don’t use chocolate in a pinata on a warm day) and was mushy – those kids basically did not get any candy (again: kids disappointed, parents grateful).  But, the pinata was fun and exciting and a favorite part of the party.

I consulted with the girls before the party and we decided that it would be better to ask friends not to bring presents.  For a number of reasons: we have plenty already, it would be too much (there were so many friends coming), and parents would feel obliged to buy two gifts.  That was perfect because all the focus was on having fun and playing with friends.  A few really close friends brought some very small gifts, and the girls got quite a few handmade cards that were really sweet.  So, it was very nice.

After the party, the children had a great time running down to see the chickens and horses, jumping on the trampoline and playing.  William and I cleaned up.  My biggest fear for the party was that I would lose someone’s child (which is highly likely at the Big House).  And it did happen.  About an hour after the party was officially over, I got a text from a dad asking me to bring his children to the farm store.  I had not seen those children for at least 45 minutes and had assumed their parents had picked them up.  Sure enough, I came across them a few minutes later, finding them under a boxwood bush building fairy houses.  Then, another dad showed up.  I had not seen his child in about an hour.  But, pretty quickly she came running around a corner with Evva.  They had been playing and running all over the grounds.

Kids got dirty, laughed, played hard – a good time was had by all.  We will probably do this again!


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