spring break

The girls have two weeks off for spring break this year, and leading up to the break, other mothers would ask me, “What are you doing for spring break?”, or “Do you have plans for spring break?”.  My answer was, “No plans.  When is spring break?”.  “Umm, next week!”

So, we were slightly unprepared for spring break.  I let it sneak up on us, with vague notions of getting away without any hassle or spending any money when it arrived.  The week before spring break, William and I frantically talked about what to do in the spare minutes we get for conversation.  We decided to go to Tuckaseegee . . . then not to go to Tuckaseegee . . . then to go camping . .  then not to go camping . . . maybe we’d go out on a lake, or go fishing, or go bike riding.  Finally, we decided to not make any plans but to stay at home and do some area activities depending on weather conditions.  A friend called this a “staycation”.

William took off most days from work last week, and I did the same, though we both spent a few hours a day checking in and typing on computers.  I took the children to the WNC Nature Center one day – a visit they always love.  Another day, we went biking in Dupont State Forest, where we also met up with Aunt Elizabeth and a cousin and played on the shore of a small lake.  it was a gorgeous day, but I did not bring a camera.  We went hiking one day, looking for wild flowers, and the children had friends over to play quite often as well.  And, on Friday we rode bikes at Biltmore Estate.  We rode right up to the gardens and walked around looking at the flowers – one of Evva’s favorite things to do (again, no camera).










There was also lots of playing at the house and in the yard.  I worked in the gardens a bit, and the children had free time to do what ever they wanted–read, build fairy houses, swing, look for salamanders, walk to the barn to help on the farm (they helped deliver a baby goat one day!).  I loved that they all had time to play together, which they do surprisingly well most of the time.  Steven has reveled in the attention he gets from his sisters when they are here.  They read to him, carry him around, get him dressed, build train tracks for him.  He is going to miss this when they go back to school.

We had a fun Easter, with egg hunts at church and at the Big House.  And, so much candy that I think it might have been Steven’s sole dietary intake of the day, despite my best efforts.

Steven stuffed a powdered doughnut into his mouth right before the hunt at church (so maybe he did eat something other than candy this day).


Instructions from Auntie Annie on where to hunt for eggs at the Big House.


This has been my first “staycation”, and I really enjoyed it!  We have one more week of spring break, but William has gone back to work this week, and lessons and practices are back on this week as well.  We don’t have nearly as many plans this week, so we will slowly work back into a school schedule.  We will probably work on learning some life skills like doing your own laundry, making grocery lists, gardening.  But, playing and working at home will be fun with these guys around for the week.  I will say, however, that while everyone helps out with chores and cleaning, the house can quickly become a disaster with all these guys at home all day!


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