flower crowns and necklaces

Our second daughter is so very different from our first, her older sister.  Of course they are, they always are.  They are all so different from each other, right from the start.  But, it is still interesting.

Evva is a little flower girl.  She loves flowers, always picking them and carrying them around from as soon as she could walk on her own.  She picks flower everywhere she goes, every flower she passes.  Sometimes I have to stop her (especially in public flower shows!) and explain that some flowers must stay on the stem for everyone to enjoy.  She understand that now.  I have worked to foster that flower love for her.  I made a cut flower garden that she has free access to, and one of her jobs in the flower season (last spring through frost), is to pick flowers for the table and house.  Anne likes to get in on that action, too.

In the last week, Evva has learned to make flower crowns and necklaces from the humble clover flower.  I think she spends much of her recess time making flower crowns now.  She made a necklace for me the other day when we were sitting outside after school.  The then tied on three flowers from my garden, saying the first was for love, the second was for joy, the third was for  hope.  As my less-emotional, less-demonstrative child, I was touched by her gesture.  And, reminded that sometimes the things that are harder to do can be easier when they are channeled through things that we are comfortable with.

I LOVE that she loves flowers and feels such an affinity for them – for so much of the natural world.  And, really, all of our children do.  It pleases me.



She even made a necklace for the cat!  Not sure he was so happy about it.



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