in bloom: in fruit


The peonies have bloomed and passed.  It happens so quickly.  These here are the ones I transplanted from my grandparents house a few years ago.  They are quiet in color, have a sweet fragrance, and are just beautiful – perfect flower in my opinion.


These poppies are blooming right now, and will continue for a while, I think.  Every time I send Evva out to pick flowers for the table, she picks a poppy and within a few hours, the petals fall off.  But, they are so irresistable.  These poppies came from my great-grandmother’s seed.  But, my sister-in-law grows some on her farm that are from her great grandmother’s seed (brought over from France just before WWI).  They look identical.  I love that these flowers are passed on through generations and have a bit of a story.  And, they are beautiful.


And, the wild daisies are blooming.  These flowers are so sweet; delicate yet hardy.  I love seeing them come up through the grasses, waving in the meadow.

And, I have a beautiful purple Salvia growing in a bed by the house.  Evva loves to pick them and use them in necklaces and arrangements.  And no,t your typical arrangement, but many like this one I found one the rock outside our door (our door-rock).


Also, cherries are in fruit.  This season also is short, a little over a week.  The cherries are going fast.  We’ve picked a few gallons, which have been eaten fresh or pitted for jam and pie (and a few for the freezer).  We’ve got 2 sweet cherry trees (at my mother’s house) and 1 sour cherry.  The sweet cherries were loaded with fruit, but we just can’t reach the higher branches.  But, at this point (after pitting cherries for 2 hours today), I won’t be terribly sad to see cherry season end here.  Though I will miss them.  My, they are delicious!


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