parenting fail

When supper time is drawing near and you are rushed to finish picking the berries, digging the potatoes, and picking the beans for said supper before the clouds, gathering in the west threatening a storm, arrive. And, though usually at this time of day, the five “and a half” year old is rolling on the floor clutching his stomach and crying for food, today you glance up from your haste to see him barefoot in the yard throwing steak knives at the ground. Your first thought is, “How wonderful that he is entertaining himself so well. ย It looks like he is having fun.” ย And, your next thought is, “I bet that game may improve his knife handling skills.”

When 20 minutes later you are driving a crying little boy with a bloody foot to the Urgent Care Clinic it occurs to you that maybe your third thought should have been to have stopped that game.

But, of course natural consequences teach a lot. ย He won’t be playing with knives anytime soon, and neither will any of his siblings who witnessed the screaming and his blood-gushing foot.

Thank goodness he he only needed a little super glue and lots of hugs.

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