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We had really hot weather two weeks ago and we went away for the weekend, coming back to a garden loaded with things to harvest.  This past week has been cooler, but everything is still producing.

  • The green beans are nearly done (second planting is coming along). Lots of bean leaf beetles  on them.
  • Blackraspberries are done (such a short season).
  • The blueberries are still producing strong.
  • I am harvesting cucumbers everyday, but have yet to can pickles.  I love having them in the winter, but we do eat a lot of fresh cucumbers – in salads, mainly.  I have not had quite enough to pickle – maybe next week.
  • The first tomatoes were harvested (and eaten quickly).  No more have ripened since, and I’m thinking its because of the cooler weather this week.
  • The winter squash and watermelons are taking over the garden.  I’ve seen on ripe butternut already, which seems way to early, but probably not.
  • The potatoes are delicious.  I’ve harvested some of three varieties  One variety of red potato has lots of scab and so is not very pretty.  The fingerlings have been wonderful – as have the Kennebecks (my favorite, I think).
  • We are also harvesting mulberries, but only a few at a time – which either get eaten all up, or go in the freezer with blueberries or black raspberries.  The kids love to eat them (and climb the tree to harvest them).  They will keep going for a while.
  • The first zinnias have been picked (dalias, too).  The yarrow and alliums and dill are so pretty together.

I’ve definitely got some weeds (mostly grass weeds, which I hate most).  And, my 2nd beet planting failed.  I think I will try again in August when I do the fall planting.  I would love to have some more beets, since I think I only harvested 3 or 4.

What’s going on in your garden?

6 thoughts on “in the garden

  1. Ooh yummy blueberries! I’m going to have to start investigating winter crops, I’ve only ever grown summer things so far but beetroot sounds like a good start!

  2. Blueberries, tomatoes, blackberries and cakes. 4 little okra. Beans and squash are looking sad. Edamame is looking healthy. One fig–weird because all the others are tiny and green.
    I love your blog!

  3. so much good stuff coming out of your garden! our beans have just started and we are watching the tomatoes anxiously. I know what you mean about the pumpkins and squashes taking over- I am dodging over and around their vines every time I go to the garden now. we could probably start pulling some onions now- I wish we had more but the second (and even third) tries at seeding them didn’t seem to take so with what we’ve got in the garden now we’ll probably just have a couple months’ worth. I’d love to grow enough to see us through the winter and spring, though. crossing fingers we’ll get enough butternuts to store for a few months or so.

    1. I find that onions grown in the South just don’t store like they do in northern climates. They don’t grow as large and don’t keep nearly as well. It has to do with our light (longer nights that those up north for those day sensitive plants). Anyway, my onion harvest is ok, small onions but quite a few, but I know they won’t keep but for a month or two. I might give you some winter squash if you are worried yours won’t be enough! 🙂

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