Daily Archives: January 8, 2016

winter walks






Since school has started up again, we are all happily back on something of a schedule.  The three older little ones go to school, Steven goes to preschool, and I work in the morning.  After lunch, I pick up Steven, and we have an hour or so before the big kids come home.  We often do a little work in the kitchen, then go out for a walk (or “hike” as Steven says).  We have only made it as far as a little circle of the dirt road we live on, and sometimes to the farm – and that short bit has provided a lot of interest for a little boy.  He stomps on ice puddles, throws rocks in the creek (which Tucker dives for every time), and explores places at the farm.  I love these little walks because I get to slow down a little – not trying to get anywhere fast, being in the moment.  I am treasuring these walks like taking a deep breath in the middle of the day and spending a bit of precious one-on-one time with the littlest one.

These winter walk also remind me of walks I took with my great-grandmother when I was preschool age.  I often stayed with her and we would take slow walks down the dirt road we lived on (she lived less than a 1/4 mile from my house), taking our time, enjoying the sunshine, investigating interesting things along the road, and exploring the goat barn.  Just like now, it is a bit of getting outside, slowing down from the day, being together, and learning life on a country road.